Core Values for Diversity & Inclusion

We are committed to continuous improvement.

Many of our participating organizations use Agile methods within our technology initiatives in order to achieve incremental change and learn from what works and what doesn’t. We believe this extends beyond our technical processes and we commit to becoming better at inclusivity in all that we do. Continuous improvement is more important than being the "best", because "best" means complacency and improvement means progress. We want to get better and are willing to do the reflection it requires to take ownership of our mistakes and question our habits.

We strive to treat others the way they'd like to be treated.

Our customers and teammates have different needs from our own, so we strive to consider their perspectives in order to communicate effectively. We bring out the best in each other when we start with mutual respect, humanity and empathy. We create the best products and services when we understand the people we are committed to serve.

We will fight the default of exclusion.

Inequality and exclusion are the current defaults of our industry. Without intentional effort, we inherit those failings and worsen the problem. Building diverse teams is a moral imperative and we build better products/services and fulfill our missions by bringing different perspectives to the table. We look for voices unlike our own because they are the only ones that help us grow.

We succeed together when we trust each other.

Trust is the currency that powers every interaction on our teams. Only when we trust each other can we share the candid feedback and opinions that let us be creative and successful. We strive to give transparency into how our decisions are made and safe means for providing feedback to help us continuously improve. When we build trust through good communication, we create an environment for better communication in the future.

We hold each other accountable.

As members of this group, we are committed to holding each other accountable to these principles and values. We will share practices and methods that have helped us improve as well as candid mistakes and failures where we failed to live up to our commitment. This will be a common theme and permanent item for discussion within the group.

Loosely based on Clef's core values.